A year of transformation. Thank You 2016.

by Patrizia Gajaschi January 02, 2017

A year of transformation.

There’s not better expression to describe the richness of experiences I had in 2016. A year in which I took the most important travel of my life: the one inside of me. A travel that has just begun and that it will last for the rest of my life. 

I discovered a new person and even if my essence is always the same, my confidence, my vision, my mind, my willpower and the way I look at the world have completely transformed during this year.

This year I learned that my fears are my only obstacles and they only exist in my mind.

I learned that I’m able to change my reality because I am the author of my life.

I learned that the most difficult moments are my biggest teachers.

This year I understood that when I change, everything around me changes and not vice versa.

I understood that my behavior is the best way to teach and inspire others.

I understood that when I open my heart without fear, the world simply adjusts to my new vibration.

I understood that being grateful is the most powerful vehicle of transformation.

This year I understood that being vulnerable is a strength not a weakness. Being vulnerable allows me to BE without prejudices and to look straight into the wonderful, raw and genuine depth of my heart.

This year I learned to love myself exactly as I am. Not more beautiful, fitter, younger, no… exactly as I am, because I understood that my beauty radiates from the inside.

This year I learned to say no without loosing my kindness.

I learned to follow what I want and not what I’m supposed to.

This year I really brought my yoga outside of my mat and I live it in my everyday life with its ups and downs because as a beautiful friend told me “life is like the unit that measures the heartbeat: when it's all smooth is because we're dead.” We need those ups and downs, this is life: a place where every single ‘low’ gives us more awareness before rising higher and higher.

With love and gratitude,

Patrizia Gajaschi

Co-Founder at Wild Yogi Australia

Patrizia Gajaschi
Patrizia Gajaschi


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