Meeting the INSPIRING PEOPLE - Karina, The Wild Woman

by Patrizia Gajaschi September 13, 2017


Have you ever taken your time to think and consider how special and inspiring some people are? Have you ever told anyone you love or strongly appreciate that, especially during change or transformation times, they have been such a source of inspiration? That their story is something worth sharing with everyone else?

“Meeting the inspiring people” is a series of short and inspiring interviews with some people we’re really in love with, people who taught us in various and different situations how to be strong, soft, wild, childish, flexible and powerful. People who left a mark in our Life. People we are very proud to introduce to you.


KARINA, The Wild Woman

When I met Karina a few years ago, I immediately felt in love with her. She has that firing deep voice and an authentic smile that it’s just impossible not to notice her. During the time, we have built a strong and genuine relationship that has gone beyond yoga and teaching yoga: she’s a true friend and I’m extremely happy to have her in my life.

Karina is now running the “Empowering the Wild Woman” workshop around Australia. Lets’ find out together what inspires her Wild soul and what she’s standing for.


What does “WILD” means to you?

Wild is about being authentic, honest, determined and resilient. It’s about shining rather than hiding in the shadows. Find and empower your inner Wild and move into a state of courage, self worth and most importantly, self love. It's about coming home to yourself, shifting into a state of acceptance of what needs to be released and developing the courage to become the best possible version of you.

How was “empowering the wild” born?

Since becoming a yoga teacher I have used the healing modalities of meditation, breath work and sound vibration to complement my yoga practice. Empowering the Wild was created after a trip to Bali, where I felt so inspired to share these modalities with others as they have been so healing for me. I have combined these principals into a two hour highly unique experience. I feel so blessed and excited to share this with the world, because there is nothing out there quite like this.

What inspires you?

An amazing woman once said to me "creating art is simple, you're admiring a number of ideas and then creating them as your own, with your own flavour and spice"... (it was you Patrizia)... this was one of the catalysts that made me begin to think about how to creatively and uniquely design my own workshops. From then, I have listened to friends, loved ones and family who inspire me, knowingly or not. It's these people who give me courage. My yoga practice and daily meditation keeps me inspired and in the flow. Regular sound healings and breath work sessions help me let go and stay inspired. I read books, some over and over again, Eckhart Tolle is my favourite. I spend time at the beach or in the bush without my phone, to stay disconnected and create space in my life. Inspiration is best found out of thought, rather felt with the heart and intuition.

What do you stand for?

I stand for Love, all kinds and for everyone. I stand for empowerment, of the self and of each other because the more empowered people there are in this world, speaking their truth, the better. I stand for growth, spaciousness of mind and expansion of consciousness, that we all become a little bit more aware of ourselves day to day. Let's stand together!


If you want to know more about Karina and her “Empowering the Wild” workshop, visit her Facebook page @theyogamovement.

Stay tuned for more inspiring people in our blog and have a look at our beautiful yoga wear collection J

Patrizia Gajaschi
Patrizia Gajaschi


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