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Clothing to Nurture Your Spirit

While you can perform yoga wearing almost any type of clothing that does not restrict your freedom of movement, our range of quality yoga t shirts and tops is designed specifically to help you feel comfortable and at ease when practising.
The fact that it looks great too is an added bonus and means you can wear your tops almost anywhere you go and look as good as you feel.
The designs that are featured on our yoga tanks and t shirts have been especially chosen for their particular meanings. From mandalas that represent wholeness, to Aztec signs that denote a purified heart and the destiny of being, all of the designs in our collection have a special significance. While it is not essential to wear clothing featuring spiritual designs when practising yoga, we find that doing so helps to get you in the zone, to take you to a place in your mind where you can focus on feeding your soul and enjoying your body.
Kind to the Planet

If you are also concerned about the effects of your day-to-day activities on the environment, you will be pleased to learn that all of our garments are manufactured from 100% organic cotton in facilities where minimising carbon footprints is a priority. Whenever you wear our yoga tops, you can help to spread this message of environmental responsibility.