Flow - Chakras & Flower of Life

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Open your chakras and allow your inner energy to stream through your whole body with the Flow mala necklace, featuring a Flower of Life brass pendant as a symbol of inner beauty, harmony and eternity.

This bracelet is made with Lava stone and seven specific gemstones representing each individual energetic point:

  • Red Coral - Root
  • Orange Cornelian - Sacral
  • Yellow Tiger Eye - Solar Plexus
  • Green Jade - Green
  • Blue Lapis Azul - Throat
  • Purple Amethyst - Third Eye
  • Rose Quartz - Crown
Chakras are energetic centres in our body, each dealing with a different emotion.

When a chakra is open, energy is free to flow through the body; on the other hand, energy flow is restricted when they are sealed. Working on unsealing your emotional blockages helps your chakras to open up allowing the divine energy to circulate through your whole body & follow its original natural flow.


Product details:

- Handmade with Love & a Positive Intention 

- Genuine high quality Lava beads & above-listed ones

- Seed of Life Brass Pendant.


Please Note:

- All metaphysical or healing properties information listed have been collected from various sources. This description is offered for informational purposes only.

- Colours & beads sizes may slightly vary due to the uniqueness of each stone.

- These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent diseases and other problems of different nature. They can be used to support spiritual growth & development. For these reasons, uses and results are each person’s responsibility.

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