Positivity - Lava Stone & Buddha

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Ground yourself and improve your relationships with the Positivity mala bracelet, made with Lava Stone beads & a brass pendant representing Buddha.

Lava stone has beautiful grounding and stabilizing properties, calming the emotions and bringing balances where different energies and forces tend to follow opposite directions. It also helps you to find strength and courage to face your daily challenges both in yourself and your relationship. Apart from being wonderful for calming the emotions, lava stone is excellent for removing negativity and attracting love and positive energy.

The Buddha symbol reminds us to treat ourselves and others with compassion and keeping in mind that our ultimate goal in life is liberation and freedom from all sufferings.

Chakra connected: Root Chakra.

Product details:

- Handmade with Love & a Positive Intention 

- Genuine high quality Lava Stone beads

- Brass Buddha Pendant

- Length 22 cm / 8.50 inches


Please Note:

- All metaphysical or healing properties information listed have been collected from various sources. This description is offered for informational purposes only.

- Colours & beads sizes may slightly vary due to the uniqueness of each stone.

- These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent diseases and other problems of different nature. They can be used to support spiritual growth & development and results are of each person’s responsibility.

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