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Empower yourself and find your strength with the Power mala bracelet made with Amazonite beads and a brass pendant representing the Elephant, the totemic animal for those who are called to lead their tribe.

Known as the "Lucky Hope Gemstone" and “Stone of Courage”, amazonite is widely associated with wealth and overall success, bringing luck into your life & helping you achieve your goals and dreams. Enhancing your level of confidence and courage, it helps release the stress associated with confrontations bringing clarity to your intention and motivating you to express your dreams into reality.

Deriving its name from the Amazon river where the legendary women warriors used to live, it will empower yourself to find your own voice and communication skills to express your own thoughts and feelings and eventually to achieve freedom. 

The Elephant instead has an intense focus on family and challenges you to protect your tribe, while also recognizing the beauty of Unity and Compassion. So, not only we have to think of our own dreams and challenges but also try to be compassionate about others and protect them as much as we can.

Chakra connected: Throat Chakra.

Product details

- Handmade with Love & a Positive Intention 

- Genuine high quality Amazonite

- Brass Elephant Pendant.

- Length: 20.5 cm / 8 inches.


Please Note:

- All metaphysical or healing properties information listed have been collected from various sources. This description is offered for informational purposes only.

- Colours & beads sizes may slightly vary due to the uniqueness of each stone.

- These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent diseases and other problems of different nature. They can be used to support spiritual growth & development. For these reasons, uses and results are each person’s responsibility.

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